Sister Team, Treana and Theya have been running the salon since 2016. 
Since then, salon.93 has become an edgy, unique and fun environment for hair artists who have their own sense of style.

The Team

Theya has been in the industry all her life. Being the daughter of a hairstylist, she started highlighting mannequins at age 15. She has always had a flair for the creative. Her passion lies in blondes and hair color in general. Known for her efficiency, she's able to get you in and out with the style you've been wanting all your life!

Theya Havranek, Stylist

Maria Havranek, Stylist

Maria has been in the industry for 20+ years. A passion for precision cutting and delivering clients their desired look is why she says she'll never quit. She likes to work in the USA when she visits from the Philippines. "I love working with different hair textures, from all over the world!"
Welcome back to Maria, even if it's short lived, we're glad to have you!

Treana Havranek, CFO

Treana has grown up in the salon industry. But, just don't ask her to do hair. As she jokingly says, "I do everything but hair, at the salon." 
She loves being a part of the industry and working with her sister. Hair is one of the best forms of expression and she is ecstatic to be a part of this industry in some small way. 


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Morrisville NC, 27560

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