just had your color with me?

let's talk about the key after care tips that are crucial to maintaining your hair!
hair is an investment just like anything else!

it's important to think of your fresh hair color as sore muscles after a workout - you don't want to risk damaging muscle by doing too much the next day or improper care of yourself and risk injury! 
read below for your aftercare tips from your stylists here at salon.93!

1. Wait 5 days before washing your hair
- It may seem excessive to wait this long before washing after a color service. This tip is key as it allows the hair to have time for the color molecules to set in adequately. This helps reduce the risk of fading of tone/color!

2. Avoid high heat and using irons the day after your service
 - I only recommend using high heat and flat irons/curling irons after your first wash. By doing this we're also allowing the color molecules to set. Heat opens up the cuticles of the hair and can quicken the process of fading!

3. Use Color Safe, sulfate, paraben and non water soluble silicone free products
 - sulfates in shampoos can cause the hair to feel dry, parabens are abrasive and can cause color to lighten or fade quickly, and silicone products keep your hair from accepting moisture 

4. Washing your hair with cooler water

- I get it, it's NO fun having to wash your hair with cold water. Especially during the winter! This will extend the life of your color though as any heat, be it from the sun, the water or hot tools risk opening the cuticle and causing the color molecules to be compromised and fade faster. Not to mention, color or not, lukewarm water is better for the hair to keep it from drying out!


5. Use heat protectant

 - As mentioned before, heat can do a number on hair, colored or not. Protect your hair as much you can from the sun, indoor heating and hot tools with a heat protectant.

6. Keep washing to a minimum
If you're used to washing your hair everyday, you may need to find alternatives hairstyles to wear throughout the week to prolong the life of your wash. Water, specifically hot water, while great for the hair can cause your hair color to fade faster.

7. Avoid chlorine and salt water
 - chlorine is a chemical bleaching agent that can lift your hair color out and strip it, blonde hair is susceptible to turning a greenish color when it gets in contact with chlorine. putting conditioner in your hair and placing a cap before swimming in chlorine or salt water can help prevent them from effecting the hair, but it's best to avoid it altogether.

8. Use a color mask once a week
Whether you're using a hydrating mask, healing mask, regular mask or color depositing mask, these products are key in prolonging the life of your hair color by working to close the cuticle.  As your stylist, I will recommend which mask product is best regarding your color. 

hairbythee recommended vibrance hair care

I always give my guests a take-home color refresher of their formula along with some gloves! You have a choice of two ways of applying it to extend the life of your vibrant color as well as the shine.

1. mix it with your conditioner​
one option is to wash your hair, mix together equal parts conditioner and the take home to give a soft sheen toner to the hair. leave on for 10 minutes, rinse, and you're done!
this is the best option if you're trying to extend your take home and you don't mind a softer more faded look before your next appointment.

2. apply the whole tub
your second option is to apply the entire contents of the mini tub after shampoo, leave in for 10 minutes and rinse. this will only have the  take- home last for one application but will leave your color more vibrant than option 1!