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Cancellation Policy

We ask that you cancel 48 hours in advance of your appointment or you will be charged half of your service to your card on file.


If the card on file is to decline, we will need to update the card and you will be given a 2 week deadline starting the day of your originally scheduled appointment to pay the late cancellation fee. 
Failure to pay within that 2 week period will result in upcoming appointments cancelled and any future scheduling will be suspended until working cards are updated and the balance is paid.


There is no 'late fee' however, if you are late to your 2 hr and 30 minute appointment ($245) you will still be charged the full amount. This is even if we are unable to fulfill our original hair plan.

Booking Policy

We ask that you use our confirmation system to confirm your appointment as we have an extensive waiting list. We need to be certain you will be here in the event that we need to fill that space.

Failure to have a card on file when booking will result in the appointment being unaccepted.

Corrections Policy


We pride ourselves in delivering the best service we can for our guests! If you ever find yourself unhappy with your service, we ask that you report that to us within 72 hours of your service. We give a 10 day grace period after your report to adjust your hair color or cut. This is to ensure that your adjustment is as close to your original appointment as possible. 


Please speak to the Salon Artistic Director in private if you feel like there is a larger adjustment that needs to be made. Depending the nature and cause of the adjustment needed the Artistic Director will determine the proper course of action.


Hair History Policy

We ask that you are completely honest about your hair history if you are here for your first color correction service. we cannot help and better serve your hair needs without knowing if you have put box dye on your hair recently (within the last 2 years).

We understand that having policies may be the reality you don't want to face when it comes to getting your hair done, but they need to be in place to protect our staff as well as our clients.
Thank you for understanding!

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